House of Arfa

About Us

The best color is the one that looks good on you because you are a fabulous creation of GOD !


House Of Arfa is for every WOMAN who is an iconic symbol of STYLE, wants to feel COMFORT in what she wears and wishes to carry the fashion to EMPOWER herself with CONFIDENCE


Every art has a brain that nurtures it. Just the same House Of Arfa, under the dynamic leadership of ARFA QAZI, is determined to bring exquisity in fashion that stands out in the crowd. The colors and textures of garments, the flow and drape, the style and cut, and so many other details depict her design philosophy.


A Creative Marketer at heart, with a successful and multifaceted track record of more than 15 years in multiple management and leadership roles, Arfa Qazi has now come up with her Creativity in Designing with a core vision to drive excellence.


She has also brought a campaign named “MERA ME’LAAN” where we celebrate and  acknowledge strong women around us; who are exemplary and have remarkably uplifted many other women along their powerful journey.


We, at House Of Arfa, create every design with love, treat it with respect and devotion that it deserves, just like an artisan treats his masterpiece. Our customers are our priority and we make every single struggle to make their dreams come true when it comes to wearing their favorite classy dress. Therefore, we deal in customization where we craft according to their demands and have successfully made outfits that brought smiles to their faces and they felt even more confident. 


We are committed to fostering long-term relationships with our customers. The all-encompassing shopping experience that House Of Arfa offers leaves a lasting imprint on the wants and aspirations of our lovely women with a keen sense of style and an appreciation for quality.


House Of Arfa is renowned for fusing 100% pure fabric with an avant-garde design style to provide elegant ensembles at an affordable cost. 


We truly hope that wearing them brings you as much delight as we love creating them for you!